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Mikayla is Registered and Licensed dietitian, fluent in Spanish and Italian. Mikayla is specialized in different areas of Functional Medicine: Maternal Nutrition, Lactation, Digestion, Dis-Metabolic syndromes, Hypertension, Supermarket Shopping and Weight Loss.

Mikayla has an extensive and multinational educational background, and she is continually seeking additional education:

 University of Padua, Italy: Bachelor of Arts, Nutrition and Food Science 1994-1998

 University of California, Davis: Scholarship Program, Dietetics/Nutrition Science 1997-1998

 University of California, San Diego: Lactation Educator Counselor Certification March 2009

 Utah State University Dietetic Internship-Aug 2011- June 2012

 Registration with American Dietetic Association July 2012 as RD

 Licensed in the State of Florida as LD/N in 2013

 Started Functional Medicine Practitioner Certification in Sep 2013

 Started Path toward becoming IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) in December 2014

Mikayla has a very rich professional experience as a Nutrition Consultant, in different positions. To mention only her last work experience, she worked a Senior Public Health Nutritionist with the Florida Health Department.

Clinical Expertise:

 Attention Deficit Disorder/ADHD

 Autism / Autistic Spectrum Disorder


 Cardiovascular Disease

 Children's Diets

 Coeliac Disease

 Computerised Dietary Assessment

 Counselling and Behaviour Change

 Diabetes Mellitus and Glycaemic Index

 Diet and Behaviour

 Early Years Nutrition

 Eating Disorders

 Food Allergy/Intolerance

 Gastrointestinal Disorders

 Glycaemic Index


 Metabolic Disorders

 Nutrition screening and assessment

 Nutrition support - parenteral and enteral

 Obesity/Weight Management



 Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

 Preconception and Pregnancy Nutrition

 Sports Dietetics

 Teenage Nutrition

 Vegetarian and Vegan Diets

 Women's Health

Every diet plan is tailor-made by Mikayla for each patient, depending on the patient's life-style, eating habits and health. Before designing a patient's diet, each patient undergoes a comprehensive health-check up, which may includes typically:

 Medical and Family Case History

 Blood pressure measurement

 Blood oxygen measurement

 Spirometry Test

 Comprehensive urine test

 Anthropometrical measurements

 Metabolic rate measurement

 Blood tests to determine which dietary approach suits you best

Depending on the medical history of the patient, blood laboratory tests may be advised if necessary. Human Nutritionist Mikayla designs the customized diet plan, once all the data has been collected to maximize the effect and outcome of the diet for each patient.

A study results presented in March 2010 by investigators from Stanford Prevention Research Center at Stanford University School of Medicine during an oral presentation titled "Genotype Patterns Predict Weight Loss Success: The Right Diet Does Matter," showed that individuals who were assigned diets that were appropriate for their genotype, showed statistically significant greater weight loss, metabolic benefit and other improvements when compared to individuals on diets not matched to their genotype.

At Baden Spa & Wellness, and in collaboration with Dr. Michael Sinclaire, we are at the cutting edge of modern research, and Gene & Hormone Testing is available to our clients to improve the outcome of their customized diet plans. We particularly focus on IGF-1 and Leptin, which have shown in various research institutions to be linked to weight gain and weight loss.

The fascinating discovery that our hormones are very much part of the weight-gain and weight-loss process was made in the 1950s, when two animal breeders noticed a genetic mutation, now known as the defective 'ob' gene, in their mouse colony that led the affected mice to become naturally very obese. Only in 1994 was it discovered, by researcher Jeff Friedman and Researchers at Rockefeller University in New York, that the genetic mutation caused a lack of a hormone in white adipose (fat) tissue called leptin, which if missing, leads inevitably to chronic obesity.

Now it has been recognized that the findings from 1994 where an oversimplification. Leptin is also produced by the stomach and placenta and receptors for this hormone are found in many tissues. However, in terms of weight regulation the size and quantity of the fat cells are utterly important: more and larger fat cells produce more Leptin. Leptin then signals through receptors in the hypothalamus, which is the control center for our hormones in the brain, to restrict energy intake, i.e. appetite. Therefore, if this mechanism does not work due to a genetic defect or most commonly due to leptin resistance, caused commonly by years of yo-yo dieting or eating the wrong composition of foods, this causes the hypothalamus to change the body's natural Set Point, which may result in obesity or difficulty in losing weight.

Most of us are born with an optimal diet system, which naturally maintains our genetic ideal weight. This is easily brought out of balance through inadequate and crash dieting and if the human body does not receive the correct type, composition and amount of nutrients within one day. Over time, your lifestyle or life events affect your diet and your optimal diet system is lost. The nutritionist role is to help you restore the balanced diet system you were born with.

Unlike any other traditional Dietitian, Mikayla's approach focuses on the Cause of the problem, rather than just offering a temporary solution.

Mikayla goes even further, she also offers Grocery Shopping support as well as customized recipes to change your unbalanced eating habits.

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